Katarina Gubanova “Cross Point”

Do you remember your point of no return?
The moment you realize time is finite. You realize how much is already behind you. You can only guess if there is at least as much yet to come. But how much exactly will it be?
I’m turning 35. From the statistics point of view – this is the middle of life. Just think about it – a half of life has already passed! Who am I and where am I going, will I make it, do I like the road Iэму taken – millions of questions in my head.
I wrote the track “Crosspoint” – the symbol of changes and of the point of no return at the same time. A concentrate of emotions and mature balance, a kaleidoscope of everything, of what has already happened and what is awaiting each and every one of us. Perhaps, in this track you will finally find the answers to your questions as well. Take a listen. Tell me what you feel and think about it.
released May 5, 2020

Katarina Gubanova “​.​.. and then I saw the rainbow”

Good news for those, who was looking forward to hear new music from me :
My live album is online
It was recorded live real time composing in July 2019 in Berlin
No preparation, no note sheets, just my hands, Steinway grand piano and creative flow
Last months I had some time for self-reflection and thought a lot about philosophical level of life
My deepest fear is that I am powerful beyond measure. It is my light, not my darkness that most frightens me.
Listen , Face your deepest fears. What are they? Are you afraid your your darkness or your light?
Ask yourself “Who am I ?”
Let yourself shine and give other people permission to do the same.
As we are got rid from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.
My Music expresses that which cannot be put into words.
7 live improvised tracks will show you reflections if my soul and mind.
I hope you will enjoy it how i enjoyed playing and recording process.
And big thank you to my team, without your help this album was not possibleAll download links:

released January 1, 2020

Winfried Strauss , my brother in crime and half of Gubanova & Strauss for recording
Rove Monteux my perfect analyst and already long-time friend for mastering
And sure Fabien Prauss Photography for amazing cover art, spontaneous and funky as we are.

Katarina Gubanova “Share emotions”

The age of social media made us lonelier than we were ever before. Our phone is our solely companion, and Vanity Fair of glamorous life in the newsfeed makes it even harder to share melancholy and pain.  Human feelings are subtle and ethereal. Only music can accurately depict true emotional shades. I improvised all my musical compositions while I had my own catharsis. Now I want to Share Emotions with you, and make you release your feelings while you listen to my album.

Human feelings and fantasies are subtle and ethereal. With Share Emotions I wanted to release my feelings of transformation: from pain and suffering to hope and obsession with music. My improvisations are visions and fantasies that inspire search for internal powers which gave me strength to move forward.

Released March 15, 2018

Cover image by Irina Cheremakhina

Mastered in Studio Dreamcatcher (www.studio-dreamcatcher.de) by Gregor Beyerle

Katarina Gubanova “Flow”

The story of this track started about half a year ago with little expromt improvisation on youtube youtu.be/nRc17yojSaI
The response of listeners was very warm and I felt incredibly inspired and started to make more and more tracks.
So, this track is just a single from upcoming full-length album.
released June 9, 2017
Composed and recorded by Katarina Gubanova
Mastered by Teddy Calderon , Audio Labb Studios
Cover photo by Peter Kladyk